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The best way to contact us is to drop us an email. You can also visit our Twitter and GitHub pages for news and updates. See below for all our contact details. And yes, our sticker is cool, so don't be afraid and ask for some, we will send them for free!



We are a Swiss company with offices in Vicques (JU) and in the town of Biel/Bienne halfway between Zurich, Geneva, Bern and Basel. Our office in Bienne is located nearby the main train station for convenience. Feel free to contact us before visiting, we will share a coffee and our experience with pleasure.

5 rue des Mayettes, 2824 Vicques, Switzerland
86 rue d'Aarberg, 2502 Bienne, Switzerland

+41 76 201 6502

Enhancing Agility, Reliability and Security of your Organisation is innovative.
We provide consulting at management and technical level, train your IT operations team, help you during the planning and implementation of your DevOps infrastructure, and bring support to your teams if you need.

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