About Us

Why We are Different

stay-zen.io brings Secure DevOps to your organisation. We are the first company in Swiss french Romandie fully dedicated on Secure DevOps infrastructure solutions, and we commit to bring our expertise in the latest technologies that can help your business increase Performance, Reliability and Security.

Traditional IT is prone to delays, failures, and security issues. By commiting to this new approach led by actors such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Uber, Netflix and more, we bring resilience and a better approach to solving your IT issues, while increasing your uptime and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us

stay-zen.io is the first company in Swiss Romandie exclusively dedicated to Secure DevOps infrastructure solutions. This makes us the best choice in terms of expertise and training.

What You Get

We offer training on Cybersecurity and Secure DevOps concepts and methodology, for managers and project leaders, training on DevOps technologies for IT specialists and operations teams, consulting on DevOps technologies and implementation, and support on those same technologies.

Swiss-made Quality

at stay-zen.io, we believe any customer deserves quality results. We strive to stay ahead in terms of technologies to ensure our customers are able to use the best tools available, and we commit in ensuring the best service.



Bruno Kerouanton


Bruno is a well-known cybersecurity specialist, who won many awards and gives lectures at Ecole des Mines and HEC Paris. Holding a Ms Degree in Cybersecurity from Supelec and being passionate in innovation and new technologies, he focused on DevOps for several years to create stay-zen.io DevOps solutions.

Enhancing Agility, Reliability and Security of your Organisation

We provide consulting at management and technical level, train your IT operations team, help you during the planning and implementation of your infrastructure and bring support to your teams if you need.

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