Why join us

Because our company is surfing the hi-tech wave! By focusing exclusively on DevOps, we are far ahead of many legacy IT companies. A recent survey shows that Europe is 6-8 years behind the States in terms of those technologies in many organizations. But at, we are bringing this expertise to our European customers!

Join us and enjoy the latest technologies, with real famous and motivated experts, have fun and keep on surfing on innovation.

Business developer

To ensure growth, we are looking for a business developer and co-founder.

Project Manager

Helping our customers to manage their transition from legacy IT to DevOps is part of our mission. Are you ready to join the fun?

Devops engineers

Our customers will need strong expertise on devops. If you like those tools, join us!



Bruno Kerouanton


Bruno is a well-known cybersecurity specialist, who won many awards and gives lectures at Ecole des Mines and HEC Paris. Holding a Ms Degree in Cybersecurity from Supelec and being passionate in innovation and new technologies, he focused on DevOps for several years to create DevOps solutions.

Enhancing Agility, Reliability and Security of your Organisation

We provide consulting at management and technical level, train your IT operations team, help you during the planning and implementation of your infrastructure and bring support to your teams if you need.

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